Dating and fashion: exploring the interconnection!

The main goal of any date is to please a man, to make the right impression on him. A man loves with his eyes, if a visually pleasing image appears in front of him, then he will be ready to perceive the atmosphere that comes from a woman. Even on a date with your husband you need to dress up, this is a game that is necessary in family life. It is everyday images that often eat up passion, so dating can be a catalyst for positive emotions. I share my research on dating clothes.

How to go on a first date so that it grows into something more?

  • It is important for a woman in clothes to strike a balance between sexuality and pretentiousness.
  • Learn to properly wear the clothes you have chosen. A confident woman in jeans and a T-shirt with red lipstick will look much better than a sexy dress that constrains.
  • The clothing you choose should be appropriate for the venue and event. When men commented on dating looks, one of them kept pointing out that this look was for the evening, this one was for a walk during the day. Dressing up brightly for a daytime meeting would be inappropriate.
  • Clothing should emphasize strengths and hide flaws. Before a date, think about what you like about your figure, then you need to think about an outfit that will emphasize your dignity. For example, if you have beautiful collarbones, choose clothes that will show them off. Accentuate the thinnest parts of your figure: waist, wrists, ankles. It sounds corny, but few people use these rules.
  • Clothing for the first date doesn’t have to be the best. In what will you go on a second date, if all the best has already been put on the first. You should try to raise, not lower your class.
  • More feminine clothing: skirts, dresses, heels. Men don’t like masculinity in dating looks.
  • Form your silhouette in the shape of an hourglass. You can say all you want that an inverted triangle is as sexy as a figure with pronounced hips and waist, but still forming a feminine silhouette for a date will be a win-win solution.
  • Crazy fashion isn’t for dating. Sometimes girls wear clothes that men cannot understand. For example, pajamas. It can work against you. A man’s brain will boil, he may be shy and uncomfortable next to a woman who is dressed out of the ordinary.

Ideas for images for a date with a man

An idea for romantic looks can be a combination of a bright thing with an everyday one. Because if a girl is heavily dressed up, it can scare off, and if she stylishly combines a simple, understandable thing with an elegant one, then this will be a plus.

  • An image with a smart skirt and T-shirt. You can choose the color of the T-shirt to match one of the colors in the print of the skirt. Pumps or sandals are suitable for shoes.
  • Off-the-shoulder shirt with culottes that open the ankle. Large earrings look great in a look with bare shoulders.
  • Leopard skirt with a black oversized elongated sweater. Will stretch the image of shoes, beige pumps. The leopard is often disliked by men, but when paired with an understandable sweater at the bottom of the look, it won’t trigger fire on itself.

How to influence people with clothes?

On the first date, clothes serve as a tool to help make the right impression. Clothing is a way of expressing yourself. Before a date, ask yourself what you want to be today: feminine, romantic, sexy, infantile.

There are characteristics of clothing that convey a certain mood. For example, if you want to look romantic, then these are light flying translucent fabrics, flowing lines, floral print, polka dots, bows, all elements that emphasize femininity. It is necessary not only to dress romantically, but also to do the styling in a romantic style, to choose accessories. Romantic styling is a wave, not strict straight lines. No false eyelashes and bright arrows.

How do men react to women’s outfits on the first date?

Look: a strict black skirt suit and a beige top.

It seems to men that this image ages, gives age, is associated with office workers with a strict dress code. Black is scary on a first date. On the first date, a man wants to see a woman dressed up with hair and makeup. If you want to wear a formal suit for a date, then it is better to choose a trouser suit and not heavy shoes, but sandals. This will make you look sexy and serious.

A short silk polka dot dress, a beige jacket and rough boots.

Men do not like dresses with polka dots, they associate them with grandmother’s dresses, and do not like rough shoes.

Fitted jumpsuit and pumps.

Slimming clothes and high-heeled shoes are popular with men.

White short closed dress, denim jacket, sandals.

Flat sandals are not popular with men, and neither are closed modest dresses.

Spectacular elegant dress on the figure, sandals with heels.

Immediately reminds the man to go to an expensive restaurant. Therefore, many people do not like too elegant images.

Clothes that men don’t like on women

  • too revealing clothes. When girls go too far with frankness: deep neckline, cutouts in incomprehensible places, leopard prints. Even the most provocative outfit should have boundaries.
  • Pants and dress. Most men do not follow fashion, such things are out of the traditional idea of ​​clothing. An outfit that combines a dress with trousers can simply put a man into a stupor.
  • T-shirts with children’s drawings.
  • High-waisted jeans. Most men don’t like jeans like these because they make their butt long.
  • Oversized clothing. Clothes of this type do not make the heart beat faster, because a man cannot admire a woman’s figure, he does not see her.
  • Extreme colors. Better to choose soft combinations.
  • Uggs. They are comfortable, warm and soft, but shapeless and add volume to the leg where it shouldn’t be.
  • Men’s styles. The men’s suit has come into fashion, it looks stylish, but this look does not cause attraction. Rough lines and a well-defined shoulder line do not attract the attention of men.

Femininity lies not in high heels and low-cut clothes, but in the way you behave. Beautiful gait, straight back, confident gentle step, restraint in conversation. A man pays attention to the well-groomed image as a whole, to how confident a woman feels in these clothes, in which she came on a date. It’s not enough to put on a pretty dress, do some light makeup, put your hair and nails in order.

Self-acceptance is felt and makes femininity flourish.

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