How to dress a man on a first date?

As you know, the first impression can be made only once. When it comes to the first date, your appearance can be a decisive factor in the further development of a relationship with a girl. When a man is dressed fashionably and stylishly, this may not affect the outcome of the date, but a bad outfit definitely makes a repulsive impression. That is why the question: “How to dress for a first date?” Invariably worries the minds of men, regardless of their self-confidence, sense of humor and ability to maintain an interesting conversation.

Modern people massively get to know each other on the Internet and go to meetings, having formed an idea of ​​a potential “soul mate” from photos on social networks. While there is no concept of a dress code for dating a girl today, dating is a lot like a job interview. For the “interview” to be top-notch, the guy’s clothes must match the place (cafe or fancy restaurant, movie theater or picnic on the lawn), season and time of day. When choosing what to wear on a date, a man must understand that his outfit shows interest.

How to dress a guy for a date outdoors in summer or spring

The first date is often set in “neutral” territory – in the park, where you can walk for free or with a minimum amount of money for expenses. In addition, a walk in the park in the fresh air will be a good alternative to banal gatherings over a cup of coffee (however, one does not exclude the other). An informal atmosphere is conducive to conversation and helps to get to know each other better.

What to wear?

The best choice would be practical and casual clothes. You don’t have to dress up especially for such a meeting. Expect to sit on a bench or even on the grass, so white trousers and light-colored chinos are best left for another occasion. The best choices are navy or black jeans, and chinos in neutral dark tones. Top – according to the weather. On a hot day, it will be a light T-shirt with an actual print, but without ambiguous inscriptions or provocative drawings. On a cool evening, a casual look will be complemented by a sweater, or even better, a stylish cardigan. He will do you a good service if the girl freezes, and you gallantly wrap her shoulders in a soft jacket. The choice of footwear depends on your intentions – if your plans include a “long run”, take classic sneakers, alternatively – brogues, monks, moccasins or sneakers.

How to dress for dinner at a high-end restaurant

A classic suit, a light shirt, leather shoes, a tie, cufflinks, plus a pocket square – and now your first date turns into a formal event. But you have the opportunity to show yourself, as they say, “in all its glory.” But you can easily create a stylish presentable image without a strict suit. Try alternatives – an unpaired suit consisting of dark pants and a light top (or vice versa), solid dark jeans, a white shirt, and a black or blue jacket. Creative personalities can afford to replace the jacket with an elongated cardigan, emphasizing their individual style. Shoes – classic shoes that match the suit and match the color with the belt. You can emphasize your worth and seriousness with the help of expensive, but not flashy accessories – watches and cufflinks. But massive rings and gold chains should not be worn on a date in a restaurant, this is far beyond the bounds of good taste and will negate the elegance of the image.

Men’s blazer and jeans – compatibility rules for a first date and more

Jeans and a jacket are the most popular and comfortable combination for most men in a casual bow style, so we will pay special attention to the selection of these two versatile wardrobe components for walking and dating. This tandem allows you to emphasize elegance and presents a man in the most favorable and interesting light, if, of course, it is composed competently and with imagination. So, let’s try to create a spectacular and moderately romantic bow for the first date with a girl.

  • Jeans. The classic cut is almost a win-win option. Choose laconic, moderately strict models of noble shades (black, dark gray, indigo) without decor. Ripped jeans that are more risky and difficult to combine with jackets and shirts, models of non-standard cut, with prints and embroidery, let them wait in the closet for a while.
  • Blazer. Stylists recommend wearing slightly cropped jackets with jeans. How to choose the perfect length? The hem of the garment should practically cover the pockets. For simple classic jeans, you can safely wear jackets made of spectacular fabrics – from corduroy and tweed to jacquard and velor. Thus, you will get an extraordinary evening look for a club or restaurant. In summer, linen, knitwear, blended fabrics with a high cotton content will be suitable fabrics.
  • Companion things. The set should be flawlessly harmonious, which means that its components should be selected not only by color, but also by texture. Since the set of jeans-jacket belongs to the category of everyday ones, we immediately cross out vests, strict cut things, satin and silk fabrics from the list of favorites. Remains T-shirts, polos, shirts (ties or scarves to them), turtlenecks, long sleeves. If the jacket is solid color, try playing with contrasts. Loafers, boat shoes, sneakers, desert or moccasins will complete the everyday look in the warm season.

Universal tips on how to look stylish for a guy on a date in winter and summer

  • The first date is an easy, joyful and perhaps even festive event, so total black is hardly a suitable option. In general, it is better not to go to extremes and not dress either in mourning black or overly bright things (red, orange, acid green, etc.) that irritate the eyes.
  • It goes without saying that the guy’s clothes on the first date should be clean, tidy and not wrinkled. Shoes must also be cleaned, because the girl will certainly pay attention to this. Put on new socks that match the color of the rest of your outfit.
  • While dressing as comfortably as possible for your first date doesn’t mean you can afford your favorite sweatpants and jacket. After all, your main task is to make a good impression.
  • Dressing up in recently purchased items that you just cut tags off is also not a good idea. New shoes can chafe or squeak when walking, and this will cause you a lot of trouble, and a new suit does not always fit perfectly. Should you spoil your evening with these annoying little things? The first date is not a field for experimentation, the guy is better off wearing proven things.
  • In addition to all other nuances, it makes sense to choose in advance clothes, shoes and accessories that will match in color. If the date takes place in summer or spring and you want to wear light colors, make sure that they are repeated at least twice. So, for example, a white shirt and a sports jacket will look harmonious, with a light scarf peeking out of its pocket.
  • Maximum comfort, on which self-confidence largely depends, you will be provided with things of your exact size. The need to roll up the sleeves of a shirt, constantly pull up a sweater or straighten jeans will poison the pleasure of the meeting. Moreover, these maneuvers will not go unnoticed by your companion.
  • Pay special attention to socks unless your date is on the beach. The socks must fit the leg tightly enough and be so high that when you sit down and cross your legs, the young lady does not get into the field of view of the young lady’s naked skin, “decorated” with overgrowth. By the way, today black socks are by no means considered a universal solution, they must be matched to the tone of shoes or trousers. It is better to refrain from bold prints and cheerful colors.
  • A pleasant light scent from clothes is another point in favor of the guy on the first date. Just follow the measure with perfumery, do not overdo it, women are very sensitive to odors.

An important touch of the created stylish look for the first date is a neat haircut and a clean-shaven face or a well-groomed beard. A manicure will not hurt either, well-groomed hands, by the way, have not hurt anyone either.

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